Foxy Dog Grooming is the place to be for the best dog grooming and ultrasonic teeth cleaning Duncan has to offer. With over 25 years of tried, tested, and proven excellence in providing your furry friends the pampering and care they need, Foxy Dog Grooming has established a solid reputation as the premier dog grooming destination for all breeds of dogs. No matter how big or small your dogs may be, we've got just the right grooming methods and techniques to make sure they look and feel their best once they step out of our shop.

If you want the services of master groomers to serve all your pet needs, there's no need to look anywhere else because we've got all your needs covered, here at Foxy Dog Grooming.

These prices are just a rough estimate. It all depends on the size and condition of the dog's coat.

  • Nail Trimming - $15
  • Small/Medium Dogs - $59
  • Cocker spaniels - $77
  • Goldens - $80
  • Labs/Boxers - $59
  • Shelties - $65
  • St.Poodles/Doodles - $95
  • Giant breeds - $120
  • Hand Stripping - $88

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